Course available in Wellington, early and mid-year (18 weeks full-time).
2018 start dates: March 5.

Programme Overview

You’ve heard it all your life – now get the full broadcasting experience for yourself! Discover the exciting world of radio and learn all the fundamental skills you need to start towards a career in this dynamic industry.

Gain experience in on-air announcing, radio promotions, copywriting, production and sales while hearing from some of the best talents the industry has to offer.

Programme Outline

  • On-air presentation: Learn the basics of preparing and delivering radio shows for broadcast on our in-house radio stations.
  • Production: Record and mix audio content for broadcast – such as commercials, trailers, music and more!
  • Promotions: We’ll get you out onto the streets and show you how to market our radio stations in fun and exciting ways.
  • Sales: Learn what it takes to sell advertising campaigns and bring in the dollars for your radio station.
  • Copywriting: Bring other businesses to life – learn all the skills for writing radio commercials with flair.
  • Voice: Learn how to get the best out of your voice, use it effectively on the air (eliminate any bad habits while you’re at it!)
  • Media law: Learn what you can, (and can’t), say over the airwaves.
  • Industry speakers: Some of the industry’s very best talent share their stories and tips on the makings of a successful radio career.

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