Welcome to the NZ Radio Training School

…where we eat, sleep and breathe radio

Our tutors come from a strong radio background, having worked in the broadcasting industry for a number of years. We also have members of staff who have worked in the online and journalism fields. We know the craft inside-out.

The NZ Radio Training School (NZRTS) offers a 34-week full-time diploma that covers all aspects of commercial radio and the wide range of digital media tools it uses.

Studying with us is challenging, but also fun and rewarding. Our programmes are very ‘hands-on’, and are about getting you to roll your sleeves up and gain as much practical experience as possible.

We aim to be more than just a ‘course’. NZRTS is an experience we hope you will remember for years to come.

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We look forward to hearing you on the airwaves.

The NZRTS team.

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