Ben is an exceptional and gifted individual and renowned by his peers to be a humble, modest and honest man.

Ben was born in Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu.

His father is a weta farmer and his mother an origami master. Ben has written over 30 books including the best seller “How to Milk an Octopus”.

He is known as the only human to scale Everest in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt and he has wooed many a woman with his incredible tuba playing skills. When asked for comment Ben responded with these wise words “I am the Eggman, I am the Walrus”

Meet Harrison. This guy loves his music. He enjoys talking about music and even makes beats in his spare time. If that’s not enough creativity for one person, his other hobby is photography. And the snow.

You might see him out on the street taking some photos for his Instagram account or find him in the lab cooking up some fresh beats and making interesting noises on his keyboards. It is not a matter of if, but when he will be world famous.. Stay tuned for big things.

Meet William. A 19yr old  from the ghetto of Birkdale aka. The North Shore.

He’s a  chilled guy who loves long walks on the beach and starting his day with a decent coffee. Once William gets talking it’s almost impossible for him to stop, especially if it’s about a movie or the latest G.O.T episode. He’s a collector of stamps, tattoos and lame jokes (What did the blanket say when he fell off the bed? …Oh sheet).

When he’s not trying to grow facial hair, he’s in the studio working towards his dream career in radio.

22. Never been kissed.

Last weekend Anna learned the alphabet.

She now writes commercials for The Pulse.

It’s been a real rollercoaster ride.

Her spalling iz styll a littel touch and gow.

1. Loves to laugh.

2. Has fun.

3. Is always the one to put her hand up to do stupid things.

That’s pretty much it, Oh… and she’s pretty lanky.

Meet Ryan, your one of a kind Gaming and Entertainment Enthusiast.

Not afraid to share his opinions or his controllers, Ryan likes to say what he wants, when he wants and even has his own stream and youtube channel.

Ryan is a huge fanboy of Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix and loves anything to do with the entertainment industry, almost as much as he loves his food.

With his unique sense of humour, Ryan brings something different to The Pulse and hopes to share his love of music and the random things in life with all of our listeners.

Meet Soana, 18 years old, Tongan and loves performing arts.

Soana is a bubbly, friendly girl who is trying to get rid of her addiction to caramel magnums. She likes watching Catfish, dancing and watermelon. One day she hopes to travel the world with Dave Franco. Soana is christian and  enjoys good conversation. Soana recently gained a passion for radio and media and loves being involved in the industry

She is  also helping her dancing group Fresh Movement fundraise to go to Las Vegas, help her out!

Anthony is a very chilled person who likes Amy Winehouse, Alt-J, Wutang, Mr.Carmack, Grimes and anything odd.

He spends most his time painting with a cold brew. One day he hopes to be on the  cover of Womens Weekly. He loves to talk especially if its involves music, art and good pizza.

His favourite quote is ‘if you fail to plan, youre planning to fail’ and if you want to keep updated with him check him out on instagram @ anthonyfxck.