What our graduates say…


Glen Stuart
News Ops Manager & Presenter, MediaWorks

“I’ve always loved entertaining and informing people .. NZRTS helped me turn my natural desire into a solid career path!  The course gave me a solid taste of every part of the industry, and my tutors were a big reason I landed my first job before I’d even graduated!!  I’m still learning every day, but wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the NZRTS staff and the risk we both took on each other.”

NZ Radio Awards, Winner: Best Non-Breakfast Personality – 2004 (nom. 2008).


Gina Ankerson
Digital Content Producer
Virgin Radio/iHeartRadio Canada

“Without the intensity & professionalism of the NZRTS Radio Course I would never have had the skills, to pursue my dream career in radio! The course put me way outside my comfort zone, which I needed at the time. I’ve since worked in media in NZ, Aus, Europe and Canada  … but I’ll never forget where it all started, at NZRTS!”



Sharyn Wakefield
‘Guy, Sharyn & Clint’
The Edge

“I loved my time at the NZRTS! I learnt every aspect of radio and they even helped me get my first job. If it wasn’t for them, I’d probably still be selling ham at Woolworths!”




Marc Peard
Producer – ‘Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast’
Radio Sport

“My time at the NZRTS helped me acquire the skills I need to do whatever I want in radio. They have all the systems you need to work in radio, and a fun set of tutors to guide you. It’s a bonus that those same tutors have contacts or are still in radio – which helps you to make contact with those that work in the industry.”


Tim Batt
Hauraki Announcer/Podcaster/Comedian

“I studied at NZRTS in 2008 and immediately after graduating was producing the nation-wide breakfast show hosted by the legendary Kevin Black. Since graduating I’ve done work for More FM, The Rock, Solid Gold and now, Hauraki. The school gave me all the skills I needed to kick off an exciting career in broadcasting and connected me with the right people to get employed quickly. The tutors were industry-based and really knew their stuff and the practical skills it gave me allowed me to start an awesome career doing something I love.”



Amanda Bidwell
Production Manager
Bauer Media (UK)

“I found my time at NZRTS refreshing after three years of theoretical study at Uni. The course gave me a great understanding of radio and provided me with the tools to establish a career path within the industry. I can’t imagine working in any other industry and would recommend NZRTS to anyone looking for a fantastic career that will really take you places…ahem…even Masterton.”


libbyLibby Greatbatch
Creative Writer/Assistant Production engineer
The Radio Network – Wellington
*Best New Broadcaster – 2012 NZ Radio Awards

“The NZRTS is the perfect course if you’re looking for a career in radio. Your tutors are industry experts, the guest speakers are radio gurus, and you learn about all departments, which is essential for preparing you for those jobs where you fill multiple roles – like mine. I’d highly recommend anyone who is even thinking about a career in radio to take this course.”



Emma Helleur
The HITS Nelson

“I can very easily say that without the training that I received and without the time I spent at NZRTS I would not be in my current position. I am proud and lucky to say that I am now another name in the long list of successful graduates of NZRTS. Radio is a busy, exciting and fun industry to be in and NZRTS is the best way to get there.”


Gary Pointon
Social Media/Announcer
More FM Network
Best New Broadcaster – Promotions – 2013 NZ Radio Awards

“The friends I have made whilst studying on the course (both students and tutors) I still keep in touch with daily – it’s interesting to find how valuable those friendships are when everyone branches out around the country. You’ll always have a place to stay if there’s a graduate of the NZRTS in that town!”


Estelle Clifford
*Best Non-Breakfast host, Regional – 2009 NZ Radio Awards

“My time at the NZRTS was hard work, busy, fun, crazy, nerve wracking, hilarious, inspiring, and encouraging. It’s the kind of place where you get stuck-in and before you know it – you’re doing it for real!! I loved being part of this course, made some lasting friendships and connections that have helped no-end when it comes to support in the industry. Get busy and do it!”